Seminar of the “RESCUE Center” Association. Crisis of globalization or new phase of world evolution?

Seminar of the “RESCUE Center” Association. Crisis of globalization or new phase of world evolution?

13 December 2016, 16:00

On December 13, 2016, the conference hall of the Economy Institute of the Russian Academy of Science held a regular meeting of the academic seminar "Global instability: causes and consequences", organized by the Association "Centre for Research into Economic and Sociocultural Upward Enhancement of CIS Countries, Central and Eastern Europe". Participants of the discussion included staff of Moscow research institutes, students, postgraduates and professors of Moscow universities. 

The seminar discussed main features of the system of modern international relations. Speakers noted certain slowdown of globalization processes, mostly due to policies of western states. Trump’s victory, Brexit, growing influence of right-conservative parties in Europe reflect the general tendency of growing unrest over globalization. Removal of production to developing countries, growth of uncontrolled migration, strengthening of financial capital and increasing social disparity spark anger among various layers of population of advanced countries and force politicians to react to voters’ demands.

As was said, globalization is a real-world process, determined by the very development of economy, science, technologies, which cannot be stopped. However, the history shows that globalization evolves wavily, and now the world undergoes the period of its backwash. However, the new wave of globalization is inevitable in the future. However, the effect of clash of interests between followers of globalization and anti-globalists is the formation of new forms of globalization, still unclear. Backwash of globalization also means limitation of neoliberalism policy, which is the very basis of globalization. Thus, the West will probably develop a new ideology to base its policy on.

Many speakers opined that current form of capitalism is exploding, though it is still unclear what may replace it. As Karl Marx once said, development of productive forces, accelerated by capitalism, will make it explode eventually. Here arises the issue of establishment of a socialistic society. But what is new socialism? What will happen to private property, parliamentary democracy and other freedoms of modern capitalism? It may also happen that these issues will become irrelevant for social development in the future.

The seminar also discussed positive effects of capitalism for developing Asia, Africa and Latin America, but at the same time, such course of events may lead to dissimilarity of social and economic and political development in the world, and such inequality of historical evolution of states may threaten international stability.

As was said, the world has entered a new stage of its evolution, the so-called new Axial Age. Every time the mankind undergoes similar period, it faces social and economic turbulence, political instability and violence as a mean to settle conflicts. It seems this historical tendency will characterize this new phase as well. Now it is obvious that the collapse of Soviet Union was not just the end of the multinational state and socialistic social structure, but was also the beginning of political instability in the world. It will take time for the whole system of international relations to stabilize and rest on some new principles.   

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