Moldova may get the observer status at the EEU summit

Moldova may get the observer status at the EEU summit

14 April 2017

President of Moldova Igor Dodon will take part in a meeting of EEU presidents, scheduled for April 14 in Bishkek. The agenda of the summit includes granting Moldova the status of observer in the Eurasian Union, press office of Dodon’s administration informed. The agenda of the president of Moldova includes a number of bilateral and multilateral meetings.

On April 3, the president of Moldova and chairman of the Eurasian Comission Tigran Sargsyan signed a memorandum of cooperation between Moldova and the Union. Premier and speaker of Moldova said the document was “a piece of paper without any legal value”.

It should be noted that Moldovan president does not have much authority in decision-making, while the government and parliament, the real rulers of the country, are controlled by the pro-European Democratic party.

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