Kyiv to restore relations with Russia under specific conditions

Kyiv to restore relations with Russia under specific conditions

15 April 2017

In a column for “Focus” magazine, Vice PM of Ukraine Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze wrote that Kyiv might restore relations with Russia only under certain conditions.

“Sooner or later, improvement of relations with Russia is a possibility. But it will depend on changes within Russia itself. We are not going back to the empire,” she noted.

Late March, Ukrainian interior minister’s advisor Ilya Kiva declared that it was time “to smother our pride” and restore contacts with Russia. “Sooner or later we will sit down at the negotiating table eye to eye,” he believes. 

Ukrainian politicians rarely speak about restoration of comprehensive ties with Russia. At the same time, in various regions of Ukraine people regularly demand normalization of relations with Moscow. Thus, in February in Melitopol, workers addressed Kyiv authorities with a request to restore cooperation with Russia on a full scale.

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